EVENT: Moon Button #11: Baste That Bass – Wednesday November 23rd, 2016 – Cambridge, MA

Moon Button #11:  Baste That Bass - November 23rd, 2016 - Zuzu - Cambridge, MA


Moon Button, # 11:
Baste That Bass

Zuzu – 474 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

**** An Evening of Speed Garage & Halftime & Maybe Some Jungle! ****
*****A Thanksgiving Extravaganza*****

A monthly event featuring music and an evolving, participant-driven story; an interactive art project.

Alternative Bass, Halfstep, Footwork & Drum and Bass

After Jeff Matson Control gave us the lowdown on why we can’t just disappear into the aether anymore, we start our way down to the Speed Garage where the legendary custom after-market master DJ PARALLAX tinkers on Moon Button. Hopefully once we have a faster triple-block stainless-steel megawomp transducer stuffed into the engine we’ll never miss a deadline again… hopefully…

A platform for an experimental form of storytelling that is fully community-driven, evolving over numerous events and steered by the input of all in attendance. Everything will be compiled into a chapter-by-chapter readout available online. This will also determine the direction of the story for subsequent events.

Expect weirdness, silliness, wit & puns! Expect dancing & laughing!

Previous log entries –>https://www.facebook.com/Moon-Button-477266785795705/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums


The Button is back to work.

Mission, our Navigator Supreme, has broken our lame streak and fudged our timecards. WHAT LAME STREAK?! Ahem…. We were, uh- gone for like 9 months, but as far as management knows- that was about 15 minutes. ERRR, heh. Reporting for duty, Sirs!!

“Well, we’d better get our assezzzz(abdomens) moving(buzzing) faster while we’re out on thezzze jobs” said BeeBu.

Metafish rubs his chins. “The Button is just too sluggish nowadays. Spesh’ly after leaving the Bassic Dojo,” he says, as he twists some knobs on the control panel, opening the system info window after a bit of static and glitch-vision passes.

“Operator not identified, please insert ID card” repeats the automated voice from the dashboard speaker. Metafish pushes a scratch ticket into the slot nervously.

RDLNGR notices, and begins to remark “Why doesn’t it know you? Lemme see you ID ca-”

He pauses as Jeff Mission walks into the cockpit, holding an official document. The crew turns to greet him with ear-to-ear grins.
“Well guys, not only did upper management not get wind of your tardiness on the job,” he focuses on the docket in hand “but they rewarded you a maintenance bonus upgrade for your work vessel”
His brow furrows, he sighs and continues reading. “The crew of ship “Buttone Le Lun” is hereby granted the technical bonus upgrade-o-bonus™ package, for their swift reconciliation of a mission of dire importance” he clears his throat. “$20 thousand Venetian Velor Vouchers for use towards work vessel upgrade”

“DUDES!” exclaims First Commander RDLNGR, “I think vending machines are considered upgrades!!”

Beebu smirks deeply.

“Yeaaaaa” interjects the Navigator “You already have an arcade room, three candy machines and a sammich dispenser”

“And a Pollen Faucet!!” Beebu childishly adds.

“…aaaaand the pollen faucet, right” says Jeff, shaking his head in minor disbelief, “I’m thinking you are going to need help getting a bit of a real boost around here, while you meet your actual expected standards of productivity.”

Before he can begin a new sentence, a friendly smiling lady emerges from the cockpit entranceway.

“On top of saving your buttlets(abdomens), I’ve appointed a temporary internal workplace efficiency consultant to help consult you on what you most need consulting on” Jeff points graciously to the young lady poised at the door. “Fellas, meet Inspector Glowworm, she’ll be riding with you indefinitely, until you’ve actually reached the levels of productivity you are getting rewarded for” Jeff scoffs playfully “Thank me Later, i gotta go on break[beats]” he hands her the paper, and steps out of the ship.

“Hello” says G-Worm.

“HELLO!!” replies Beebu and RDLNGR.

Metafish is fixated on the girl. Why does she look so familiar?

“Nice Aura” he says.

“Gee, uh thanx” replies Glowworm. She looks on with a discerning stare.

“Whats that color again? Asteroidal Taupe? Right?”

“Asteroidal Taupe yea. How do you see my-”

“What aura?” RDLNGR interrupts her reply.

“Uh…. I… yea, must be tired” replies Fishlet, quickly rubbing his eyes.

“Yea but- um. Nevermind.” she says. “I’ve got a couple good options to get your vessel up to par with the rest of the fleet here at headquarters.” she approaches the dashboard control surface. “What is this?”

M-Fishlet snatches the lottery card from the ID slot.
She tries to follow it with her eyes, as he slides it into his jacket pocket. “Oh, Just nothiiiiiing” he says with a par-blushed face.

“O-K…” she replies, pausing and raises an eyebrow.

Beebu and RDLNGR aren’t paying attention, as they giggle and whisper to one another, leafing through the pages of the company vending machine upgrade catalog.

“yo yo yo, we could get, like, 4 of these cockpit dry shampoo spigots,and still be able to afford an enchilada vest, each!” ‘xclaims RDNLGR.

“Excuse me!” she gets their attention, they perk up, tossing the catalog on the nearest chair.

”Artemis, your assigned maintenance tech, is currently working in the field, on the annual epic company FixFest™, several parsecs past Fractilia.” She presses the enter button on the panel, the screen begins to flicker as a soothing jingle 2-steps its way into the little tweeters under the windshield. “However, she’s a jack-of-all, not a specialist in the departments you’ll be needing improvements in.”

A face appears on the screen.

“WHADDUP?!” says the face.

“YOZE!” replies the team.

“Gentlemen, meet Parallax. He has been our leading engine tech since the business got started many years back. He’s our number one engineer, specializing in plasmic-induction-chargers, down at the headquarter’s main Speed Garage.”

“Your chargers are outdated by a few decades” says Parallax. “Come on down to the Speed Garage, I’ve got a couple turbos that i could retro-fit to your plasmic-intake manifolds. Should get ya 4 times the floor acceleration!”

“4 on the floor?!” replies Metafish with such excite.

“He’s gonna make sure this vessel isn’t falling behind schedule again. Nice move my buddy Mission pulled for you. But if I recon correct- you haven’t got any more chips stacked for you, no more favors from the basesquad.” She sits down, crosses her legs, and leans back. “This is just the first improvement I’ve got planned for your ship, AND YOUR WORK ETHICS!” She lets out an empowered laugh, swivels in the chair to face the pilot station, and presses her shoe to the accelerator. “Parallax, we’ll be right down”

“Great, I’m clearing a bay for you, pull’er in as soon as you arrive” he replies.

The crew looks a bit refreshed, as Glowworm directs the spaceship out of Mission control’s corridor, and back out, towards the garage around the building’s rear sector.

Upgrades? Shampoo Sammiches? FOUR BY FOUR?! WHATS NEXT? Was that a winning ticket?

Dj parallax is putting a turbo on that turkey while basesquad bastes the bass!




Supporting sets by Metaworm (glowwormb2bMetafish) & Dabu

Visuals by resident VJ BUZI


$6 gets you in and gets you a Buttoneer badge! Your badge ensures a $4 entry at all future events!